Dundee Cake Gin Liqueur

Available in 50cl, and 5cl miniatures

Postage and Packaging: £4.95
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ABV: 26.5%

New for 2019 – our gin liqueur made with bespoke Dundee Cake from local bakers Goodfellow & Steven and Clark’s. An intense taste experience of its artisan namesake, this drink is unique in the market and has a versatility that will surprise and delight you.

From this delicious gluten- and nut-free product, we have created a liqueur which transports you back to happy childhood memories of the aromas of your granny’s kitchen on baking day. The layered flavours of vanilla and caramel soothe the taste buds before hints of warm citrus cakiness join the party in your mouth.

The Perfect Serve

Try Dundee Cake Gin Liqueur as a long drink with lemonade, soda or ginger beer, or even as the ideal complement to warm pancakes and cream. Why not go for an “Eh”ffogato – the Dundee version of the classic Italian dessert – a scoop of ice-cream served with a shot of espresso and a generous glug of our lavish liqueur to finish – pure indulgence!

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