'Old Tom' Honey and Spice Gin

Available in 50cl, and 5cl miniatures

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ABV: 43%
Our honey and spice gin offers a balancing sweetness of antioxidant-super-rich honey, harvested in Dundee, with a fiery warmth from a palate of classic botanicals. This premium product is bottled at a perfect 43% ABV, and is an embodiment of showcasing the best local produce, part of the driving ethos of Dundee Gin Co.

Old Tom was named after its dispensing method in 18th and 19th Century London Gin Houses. A plaque depicting a tom cat was hung on the wall, and when a customer placed a coin in the cat’s mouth they were poured a shot of gin from a tube under the cat’s paws. The local honey we use in our Old Tom contains more antioxidants than the famed New Zealand Manuka variant.

The Perfect Serve

Old Tom is perfectly complemented over ice with a dash of ginger beer.

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