Dundee Marmalade Gin Liqueur

Available in 50cl, and 5cl miniatures

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ABV: 26.5%
The Dundee Gin Company’s signature product is our Marmalade Gin Liqueur, made using only Dundee original recipe Marmalade by Mackays. Infusing this artisan product into each bottle gives this multilayered drink rich notes of heady orange zest with a hint of sweetness: sunshine on warm toast.

Mackays Dundee Marmalade, still made traditionally in copper pans, is the heart of our Marmalade Gin Liqueur. Rich citrus notes dominate, accompanied by warming sweetness to produce a unique flavour combination.

The Perfect Serve

Try it neat, on the rocks, or as the flavour base for a mouthwatering Margarita with a Dundonian edge.

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