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Luxury Dundee Gin Gift Pack

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Luxury Dundee Gin Gift Pack
Luxury Dundee Gin Gift Pack
Luxury Dundee Gin Gift Pack
Luxury Dundee Gin Gift Pack

The Dundee Gin Company

Luxury Dundee Gin Gift Pack

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Our most popular gift pack consists of all six of our delicious gin liqueurs.

  • Marmalade Gin
  • Blueberry Gin Liqueur
  • Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur
  • Dundee Cake Gin Liqueur
  • Cranachan Gin Liqueur
  • Small Batch Gin

A great gift for a friend, family or loved one!


Dundee Gin Tasting Notes

Marmalade Gin Liqueur

Enjoyably jammy and sweet with plenty of zesty Seville marmalade and a touch of floral vanilla. Our Marmalade Gin Liqueur has rich citrus notes, accompanied by a warming sweetness to produce a unique flavour combination. On the nose, the strong marmalade flavour dominates.

Our signature product is made with the original Marmalade recipe by Mackays, still made traditionally in copper pans!

Suggested Mixer: Versatile and works with anything, lemonade, tonic, prosecco, ginger ale

Cocktail Suggestion: Cosmopolitan or Margarita twist


Dundee Cake Gin Liqueur

A Dundee cake is a traditional Scottish fruit cake, and the liqueur was made in collaboration with local bakers Goodfellow & Steven and Clark’s. The flavour profile is of buttery caramel with lemon drizzle and orange peel, supported by a backbone of vanilla. On the nose initially, the sweet caramel and vanilla are prominent followed by the citrus notes coming through after.

Suggested Mixer: Ginger ale Alternatively Lemonade or Soda

Cocktail Suggestion: Espresso Martini Twist


Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur

The lush soft fruits from berry fields in Agnus create the complex layers in our Summer Fruit Gin Liqueur. A rich berry medley is complemented by hints of juniper spiciness and orange peel. On the nose an intense burst of strawberry with a hint of blackberries in the background.

Adding just a splash of Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur to champagne or prosecco completely transforms this classic drink into a summer must.

Suggested Mixer: Lemonade or prosecco, tonic to cut through the sweetness If desired.

Cocktail Suggestion: Berry Daiquiri


Blueberry Gin Liqueur

Our most juniper-forward of our liqueurs, using Dundee's original Blueberry Jam recipe by Mackays, our Blueberry Gin Liqueur is a flavoured liqueur for real gin lovers.

The sweet blueberry flavour comes through initially but then takes a backseat to the juniper and a hint of liquorice root and coriander. On the nose, a strong fruity blueberry smell peels back to the complex mix of botanicals.

Suggested Mixer: Lemonade, ginger ale or prosecco, alternatively tonic

Suggested Cocktail: Blueberry Gin Mojito


Cranachan Gin Liqueur

Based on the Scottish dessert, this liqueur uses hints of creamy toffee and caramel to make it the perfect after-dinner tipple. With a creamy mouthfeel designed to emulate the oat-based dessert, our recipe also includes honey and a small amount of Dundee's 800th-anniversary whisky to give that warming feeling at the back of the throat. To taste the raspberry flavours take centre stage next to layers of caramel and honey with a slightly nutty aftertaste. On the nose, our Cranachan Gin Liqueur is a sweet medley of caramel and honey.

Suggested Mixer: Ginger ale or prosecco, alternatively lemonade.

Suggested Cocktail: Clover Club Twist


Small Batch Dry Gin

This quadruple distilled premium gin is so smooth that, even at its high 46% ABV, it is easily drunk neat. All of the botanicals in this gin, including the juniper come from the botanic gardens in Dundee.

An extremely aromatic and complex gin, taste notes of exotic botanicals such as Ylang Ylang and Strawberry Guava give way to a subtle spicy kick with cardamom and juniper notes. On the nose, a complex aroma of lemongrass comes through most prominently with the juniper.

Suggested Mixer: Mediterranean Tonic and a slice of grapefruit

Cocktail Suggestion: Classic Gin Martini

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Small Batch Gin

Made in small batches and packaged with love, our ethos is to produce fantastic tasting spirits inspired by the best of Dundee and Scotland.

A Taste of Dundee

At Dundee Gin, we're passionate about working together and collaborating with other local businesses.

The ingredients and botanicals in our gins are sourced locally from trusted suppliers, so you really do get a taste of Dundee!