Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur

Available in 50cl, and 5cl miniatures

Postage and Packaging: £4.95
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ABV: 26.5%

The lush soft fruits of the Angus berry fields, and brambles from our own garden in Dundee create the complex layers in our Summer Fruit Gin Liqueur. This jewel-red nectar is mouthwateringly fruity with the merest sliver of spice in the background and just enough sweetness for a harmonious balance of flavour.

We use the freshest local soft fruit from two farms around Dundee to make this delicious drink. A single measure of our superior Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur may instantly recall childhood memories of sun-filled holidays spent on berry buses, surrounded by baskets and banter.

The Perfect Serve

Have you cherished warm summer afternoons spent with family and friends over a glass or two of fizz? Extend those memories right through the seasons by adding a splash of Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur to champagne or prosecco, as autumn and winter draw in. As a tall drink with zesty lemonade and a sprig of mint, or as the base for a berry daquiri with a Tayside twist, you’ll always find a new way to enjoy it.

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