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Dundee Gin Marketing Campaign Autumn 2023

Celebrate Your Wins


Storytelling involves places, characters, and quite often a little drama. After all, if life was perfect, what stories would we have to tell? 

Scottish actors, writers, musicians and poets have all tapped into what they know in order to express themselves. To share with us their struggles, their triumphs, their sorrows, and their joy. 

Even now in this digital era we can appreciate those who tread the boards at the Dundee Rep theatre, those who tell visual stories through their artwork, who pick up an instrument again years after putting it down, or perhaps simply the comfort of holding and reading a physical book. 

If the world is becoming a faster, less forgiving place, here at the Dundee Gin Company we seek to slow things down for a moment. 

We seek to create a space for our collective stories and journeys to breathe, to weave new tales, to find new audiences. 

It is the cracks that allow the light to get into the darkness. 

And to that we say a simple thing.  

Celebrate your wins, no matter how small!

Creative minds need to unwind and let loose every once in awhile.

Our lives are chapters in need of little victories, and our stories inspire writers, poets, and musicians alike.

Whether you're revelling in the comfort of familiarity or embracing the excitement of the unknown, Dundee Gin is the perfect companion to celebrate life's mysteries.

With its award-winning taste, it's the perfect way to unwind and savour life's sweetest moments.