The Dundee Gin Company was founded in 2017 with our first product being a full-strength marmalade gin as a nod to one of the city’s famous “Three J’s” exports – Jute, Jam and Journalism.

After feedback that it tasted great but wasn’t orange enough! We relaunched it the following year as a high strength liqueur made using MacKays Dundee marmalade which if you've ever tried you'll know it is delicious and full of flavour.

We used this connection to continue the strong link through the rest of our products using only the very best local ingredients. We are not just Dundee by name, we are Dundee in our ethos with botanicals picked fresh from our city’s own Botanic Garden to the jams and local berries we use in our flavours.

We believe it's important to support the local area and so are constantly trying to create valuable relationships with traders, at the heart of the Dundonian community, to make a difference in the area. So, as we continue to grow beyond the city, we still want to maintain this small business mentality and so you will only find our products in specialised retailers, farm shops and bars – never in supermarkets.

The Award-winning Dundee Gin Company

Our Dundee Cake Gin Liqueur won silver in the World Liqueur Awards 2022

Our __________ Gin Liqueur won bronze in the World Liqueur Awards 2022

The Dundee Gin Company won Best Scottish Gin Company 2022

The Dundee Gin Company won Best High-End Flavouried Gin Brand - UK

Small Batch

Bottled by hand in small batches, with an attention to detail and quality.

A Taste of Dundee

We source local and sustainable incredients and botanicals.

Gins For All

All our Dundee Gins are vegan friendly and gluten free.

Small Batch Gin

Made in small batches and packaged with love, our ethos is to produce fantastic tasting spirits inspired by the best of Dundee and Scotland.

A Taste of Dundee

At Dundee Gin, we're passionate about working together and collaborating with other local businesses.

The ingredients and botanicals in our gins are sourced locally from trusted suppliers, so you really do get a taste of Dundee!