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Browse our gin liqueur collection. Shop the collection of delicious gins and gin liqueurs here at The Dundee Gin Company official online store. Flavours include award-winning Marmalade, Cranachan, Sticky Toffee, Dundee Cake, Blueberry, and Apple Strudel.


About Gin Liqueurs:

Exploring the World of Gin Liqueurs

Our love of Scottish gin liqueurs informs how we research and craft our own.

When it comes to the world of spirits, gin liqueurs offer a unique and flavourful experience that sets them apart from traditional gins. To truly appreciate the joy they bring to the table, it's essential to understand what makes gin liqueurs so special - especially Dundee gin liqueurs.

Definition of Gin Liqueurs: Let's start with a simple definition. Gin liqueurs are a delightful fusion of aromatic gin and carefully selected additional ingredients. These ingredients can include fruit, herbs and spices. Such flavourful mixtures elevate the beloved gin base to new heights, imparting depth, complexity, and an array of fascinating tastes.

Differentiating Gin Liqueurs from Traditional Gins: Yes, it's all about the flavour. While gin liqueurs share a common botanical foundation with traditional gins, their flavour profile sets them apart. Unlike regular gins, liqueurs often have a much sweeter taste due to the added ingredients. This makes them perfect for enjoying a more diverse and dare-we-say-it nuanced drinking experience.

Popularity and Versatility of Gin Liqueurs: In recent years, the popularity of gin liqueurs has soared, captivating the taste buds of spirits enthusiasts worldwide. Their versatility allows mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts to create an endless array of wonderful drinks. From refreshing summer cocktails to rich and indulgent winter variants, gin liqueurs offer boundless possibilities.

Whether you are a gin connoisseur or simply want to delve into the captivating world of spirits, gin liqueurs are a must-try. With their unique flavours and remarkable adaptability, these delightful creations are sure to add a touch of sophistication and excitement to any occasion.

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Dundee Gin Customer Reviews

So moreish and delicious, I wish I could recreate another one! Overall, a beautiful award winning sweet of gins to encounter! It’s fantastic to see small businesses working together to create some truly beautiful liqueurs, which allows to experience all of the delights that Scotland has to offer.


Received my order today and was very happy with my 2 bottles, will order more before Xmas. Thank you!

Aileen Lawson

Stand-out botanicals include ylang-ylang, strawberry guava, lemongrass, ginger and cardamom. All grown at the botanic gardens in Dundee. They are not just Dundee by name, they are Dundee in their ethos.

Paul Warren

I was actually surprised how lovely this gin is, it will have to be my new favourite.

Tracy McKain