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Discover our delicious gins and gin liqueurs and get a genuine taste of Dundee.

Dundee Classic Dry Gin

Dundee Classic Dry Gin

From £6.00

Navy Strength Dry Gin - Dundee FC Limited Edition

Navy Strength Dry Gin - Dundee FC Limited Edition


Navy Strength Dry Gin

Navy Strength Dry Gin

From £10.00

Spiced Marmalade Rum

Spiced Marmalade Rum


Honey Old Tom Dry Gin

Honey Old Tom Dry Gin


The mark of a quality gin!

We craft our spirits with the highest quality. Along side other iconic local ingredients we use only locally grown and hand picked botanicals, straight from the University of Dundee Botanical Gardens.

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Handcrafted with love

Made in small batches and with locally sourced ingredients and botanicals, our ethos is to produce fantastic tasting spirits inspired by the best of Dundee and Scotland.

Our Story

Small Batch

Bottled by hand in small batches, with an attention to detail and quality.

A Taste of Dundee

We source local and sustainable incredients and botanicals.

A Gin For All

All our Dundee Gins are vegan friendly and gluten free.


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