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Introducing The Dundee Gin Company


Ah yes, there's quite a few Scottish gin brands around these days. Which if you're a gin enthusiast, is good news.

Being The Dundee Gin Company you could say we know a thing or two about what makes a great gin. 

For those of you who have yet to pledge allegiance to any particular brand (or alcoholic drink for that matter), we'd love to introduce ourselves. Perhaps you first heard of us on Amazon? Or maybe you received a generous gin gift from a friend or loved one. 

Our international fans often find us through the website where we have a company profile page. 

Let's take a brief tour together now and celebrate our wins along the way. 



A lot has happened since The Dundee Gin Co., our first trademark, was established in 2017. As you'd expect, building relationships with bars, restaurants and suppliers takes time.

Looking up our press mentions to add to our 'About' page, you can see how momentum has been building in recent years.

That's testament to the hard work our team puts in, week in week out. 

As cliched as the phrase award-winning has become, we can honestly say that Dundee Gin Company IS now an award-winning company. To be able to say that is rather nice!   

First and foremost we care about the taste of our gin.

If you haven't tried it for yourself yet, may we recommend our Classic Dry Gin or if you're feeling adventurous try the gift pack of gin miniatures to discover your new favourite. 


Building Reputation


As an independent Scottish company, we understand building our reputation is an ongoing journey. One we invite you to join us on. 

As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. 

And the reason why cliches stick around is because quite often they ring true.

Even as this text is being written, our Managing Director Emmett McCool is tirelessly driving to yet another trade show - this time in Cardiff - and at whatever time in the future you are reading this, chances are we're planning the next trade show to attend in person.

We love meeting new people, sharing stories and yes, even having the odd glass of gin! 


Take To The Stage


On the world stage, Scotland has always punched above its weight with authors, musicians, actors and even inventors!

With the arrival of the V&A design museum we can see Dundee beginning to do likewise. 

Tapping into our heritage we have the artistry on show at both the Dundee Rep theatre as well as the DCA - Dundee Contemporary Arts centre.

If you're from England and unfamiliar with either, dare we say Dundee is becoming spiritually closer to the likes of Bristol (urban cycling heaven) or Brighton (a vibrant, creative community).

The V&A has truly ignited the spark and fused the Creative Dundee community together in new ways. 

At the Dundee Gin Company our commitment to quality and a strong connection to the city's heritage, has led us to offering a distinctive range of handcrafted gins that pay homage to Dundee's illustrious history.


History and Heritage

The company's journey began with a tribute to one of Dundee's famed "Three J's" exports: Jute, Jam, and Journalism.

In its inaugural year, the Dundee Gin Company unveiled our first creation - a full-strength marmalade gin. This unique concoction not only celebrated the city's heritage but also introduced a delightful twist to the gin landscape.

However, it was the response of the discerning gin enthusiasts that led to a remarkable transformation.

Responding to feedback that the gin was excellent but lacked the vibrant orange hue associated with marmalade, we relaunched the product in the following year.

This time, it emerged as a high-strength liqueur crafted with the renowned MacKays Dundee marmalade, renowned for its exquisite flavour.


Local Ingredients, Local Spirit

At the Dundee Gin Company we take pride in our strong ties to the local community. Beyond a mere namesake, we strive to embody the essence of Dundee in our ethos. Committed to using only the finest locally sourced ingredients, our gins encapsulate the rich flavours of the region.

Botanicals are meticulously handpicked from Dundee's very own Botanic Garden, while jams and locally harvested berries infuse a distinctive character into our diverse range of flavours.


Community and Values

At the heart of the Dundonian community, our team at the Dundee Gin Company values the significance of supporting the local area.

With an unwavering commitment to making a positive difference, we actively foster valuable relationships with local traders.

This ethos of community support is a driving force in our mission.


Big Ambitions

As the Dundee Gin Company continues to grow beyond the city limits, we remain steadfast in preserving its entrepreneurial spirit.

The products crafted with passion and dedication are exclusively available in specialised retailers, bars, and of course you can order direct from us on our website.

This commitment to maintaining a personalised touch in the distribution ensures that customers across the globe can savour the authentic flavours of Dundee, one sip at a time.

Our ambition is for the Dundee Gin Company to rightfully earn its place as a notable entity in the world of critically acclaimed gin brands.

Our exceptional gins continue to carry forward the legacy of Dundee and Scotland, making it - we hope - a cherished addition to the global spirits industry.

Let's celebrate our wins together. 

Team Dundee Gin.