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Celebrate your wins with a taste of Scotland & Dundee Gin.

Gin, gin liqueur, limited editions, our spiced rum, gifting, we've got it all here.


Our gin miniatures start from as little as £5 for Dundee Cake.

All you have to do is add to basket, tap in your card details and hey presto! 

You are now part of the secret gin society to take over the- wait, it's too soon to reveal our plans.

World domination is still under wraps... for now. 

*gives the secret gin handshake*

Dundee Gin Customer Reviews

So moreish and delicious, I wish I could recreate another one! Overall, a beautiful award winning sweet of gins to encounter! It’s fantastic to see small businesses working together to create some truly beautiful liqueurs, which allows to experience all of the delights that Scotland has to offer.


Received my order today and was very happy with my 2 bottles, will order more before Xmas. Thank you!

Aileen Lawson

Stand-out botanicals include ylang-ylang, strawberry guava, lemongrass, ginger and cardamom. All grown at the botanic gardens in Dundee. They are not just Dundee by name, they are Dundee in their ethos.

Paul Warren

I was actually surprised how lovely this gin is, it will have to be my new favourite.

Tracy McKain